Lubrication of Tooth Gear Cogwheel Machining by Cutting Mill ToolShore Equipment has a fully staffed service team. Our experienced technicians are ready to assist with any automotive lift and/or air compressor repair or maintenance work. Our technicians are trained to service all types and brands of automotive equipment.

Shore Equipment also offers a wide range of preventative maintenance services. Tailored to meet your needs, these preventative maintenance services will help your equipment achieve the longest useful life and maintain its optimal performance. We will assist you in selecting the program that will best suit your equipment’s needs. You have our commitment that your equipment is our priority, and our work will be performed at the highest quality standards in the industry.

Lift Repair

Lift Installation and Removal

Lift Inspection

Annual lift inspections are recommended to make sure that your lifts are working safely. While lift inspections are included as part of our preventative maintenance plans, we can also perform lift inspections as a separate service. Shore Equipment’s technicians are qualified based upon the standards set by the Automotive Lift Institute.

Lube Equipment, Service, Installation and Repair

Whether you have a business in the automotive industry, manage commercial fleets, or operate industrial plants, all the machines that you work with will require lubricants to function properly and have a longer lifespan. To be able to meet the different requirements that your machinery has in terms of lubrication, you will need the proper gear for the task.

At Shore Equipment, we have all the services for you to get the best lubrication system for your industry, which will net you the best performance of the machinery that you use for the everyday activities of your operation and make it a success. We assist you from the moment of the lubrication equipment installation, and we offer lubrication equipment services including maintenance and inspections to make sure that every component is running smoothly. When needed, our technicians will repair and refurbish any failing gear to get it back to good working order.

Air and Oil Line Installation

Compressor Installation and Repair

Air compressors are the lifeline of your service facility. Regular preventative maintenance should be performed to ensure that the compressors are working in the most efficient manner and can continue to deliver constant air pressure.

Workbench/Toolbox Installation